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We have three custom built enclosures for our Exotic Bengal Leopards.  

We designed the enclosures and the heated houses for our beautiful Bengal children.  The Enclosures have walkways, cat condos,water fountains and are a great way to provide our Bengals a safe outdoors experience. There is also a cat door if they decide they want to come back inside.

The way these enclosures are built the Bengals are unable to get out. This takes out all the anxiety concerning their outdoor safety.

The Enclosures light up, and have walkways all around so the Bengals can observe everything going on outdoors.  There are also multiple platforms, corner beds and rope ladders for climbing.  These Enclosures provide everything a Bengal wants, and they cannot get out of their outdoor playground.

Our Bengals love being outdoor, so we built a two story Swiss Chalets for them.  This is great during the rainy days or Winter season when they want to go out and play in the Snow.

Our Enclosures provide the best way for our Bengal Leopards to have a safe and consistent outdoor experience.  Most important the Enclosures  make our Bengals Leopards happy.

We cut windows in the fence to make it more interesting for our Bengals.  There is also lightning that comes on after dark.  This is their favorite time to chase crickets and lightning bugs.  They love chasing anything that moves when the lights come on.

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