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King Louis V




King Louie is a classic brown and black leopard with a soft mink coat. He is covered in gold glitter and his large green eyes glint with hints of gold as well. He is HCM/PK Negative His father is King Valentino and Mother Queen Beauty. 

King Louie is our resident Stud at Forever Bengal and a favorite with visitors. He loves children and is always ready to play or cuddle. His hobbies include "helping" his mommy with her daily tasks and alerting her to visitors and package deliveries. Louie's hobbies include bird watching and hiding drinking straws to play with later. 

King Viking




King Viking is four generations from our Wild Asian Leopard.  He is a beautiful Brown and Black rosetted Bengal Leopard.  He is built more like that of the Wild Asian Leopard.  King Viking is long and lean with great agility for jumping and climbing.

King Viking carries for early generation Charcoal, Brown & Black, Lynx Point Snow and Mink Snow.  This is very important because most Bengals only carry one color.  He also has been tested and is HCM/PK negative.  King Viking produces beautiful, Exotic looking offspring.

King Thunder


Aristocat Bengal

King Thunder is also a beautiful home grown Mink Snow Bengal Leopard.  He is HCM/PK Negative, and four generations from the wild. This gorgeous male produces Lynx Point Snow and Mink Snow Offspring.  He is Queen Chloe's mate, and he never leaves her or their children.  He is a wonderful father, and he teaches his children discipline.  When his children reach eight weeks old, he takes over their care and training.  Our Bengal parents both take part in raising their children.  This is how we get such well adjusted, Obedient Bengal kittens.

King Valentino


King Valentino is our largest Bengal Leopard stud, and he always weighs over 30 pounds.  This large boned male is solid muscle, Golden Brown with clouded rosettes and spots.  He has a clear coat that is covered with Golden Glitter.  King Valentino's beautiful Green eyes stand out, and make him look even more Exotic.

This loving BIG Teddy Bear is a Casanova.  He was born on Valentine's Day, and he is a lover.  Valentino fathers most of our kittens, because he carries the genes for Brown, Snow and Charcoal.  He produces very large kittens with beautiful pattern.  He is HCM/PK negative.


Deborah Tiganila spent many years working with government agencies and trained dogs for Tracking, Drug detection and Obedience.  Most dogs are capable of learning up to 164 different commands.  

She felt that her Bengal Leopards were as smart as most of the dogs she trained, so she began training them.  She was amazed to see how quickly they learned Obedience Commands.  Due to their intelligence, She also taught her Bengals good Manners.  All of her Bengals love her, and they Obey her.  Her home is full of her furry children, and it is quiet and orderly.

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