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Bringing Your Child Home

How to prepare for your new baby. When your baby comes home he is going to be confused and afraid. All he knows is that you have taken him from his family which is all he has ever known. For the best experience we ask you to set him up in a bathroom or other very small space for the first 2 weeks. This allows him to bond with you and see you as his new mommy or daddy. This technique also helps to prevent litterbox issues in the future. 

What To Expect When You Commit To Adoption


We are so thrilled that you have made the decision to become a Bengal parent. This is not a small decision and we understand the research that you have done to get this far in your journey. We want you to know that we are here for to support you every step of the way on your new journey. When you chose us as your babies breeder, we would like you to know that you chose the very best. We have not ever caged your baby and they were never left alone as there is always someone home. The bengals are included in our family life and accustomed to being cuddled/played with for a minimum of 4 hours daily. We teach basic obedience and your child comes to you with a list of what has been taught to them. We also include everything you will need for your new addition. Our babies mean the world to us and we want them to have all the comforts that they are used to having when they go home with you. This includes items that they are familiar with and smell like home. Their favorite toys, blanket, a months worth of wet and dry food. We have special items unique to your child, like their baby book with photos and milestones listed, and special toys. Most other items are listed below. 

  • Their Bengal books with their schedule, Vet records, Pedigrees and all their documents

  • Their Bengal baby blanket smells like their family.

  • 2 year health guarantee through BengalsForever 

  • A soft new bed for your little Prince or Princess.

  • Their favorite kitten Tunnel.

  • Their favorite Scratcher.

  • Their favorite Scratching post with toy.

  • Large reusable bags for your babies many items.  

  • A special keepsake baby book made just for your child.

  • Bengal Pedigree.

  • TICA Papers.

  • Copies of litter registration, in case you ever loose you papers.

  • Lots of your Bengals favorite toys, old ones and lots of new ones. 

  • Kong Kick a Roo.

  • Laser Pointer for Play Time.

  • Catnip toys.

  • Educational Cat Toys

  • Liquid Catnip Spray.

  • Catnip Yeowy Banana.

  • Calming Spray to use on trip and stressful times

  • Articles that are written by my partner Deborah Tiganila  for Bengal Illustrated Magazine and other publications.

  • One months worth Purina Pro Plan Dry Kitten Food.

  • One case of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Turkey and Gravy canned Food.

  • A Quart of Chicken Broth.

  • Gerber Turkey and Gravy Baby food.

  • Benefiber.

  • Several packages of treats

  • Snack Bowl.

  • Food and Water Bowls.

  • Wet Food Bowl.

  • Cat Mat for food and water dishes.

  • Baby spoon for feeding Baby Food.

  • Kitten Vitamins.

  • Toothbrush for your Bengal.

  • Brush and comb for your baby.

  • Furminator brush (for when your baby is older)

  • High quality airline approved carrier for your Bengal,

  • Syringes to measure your babies medicine if they ever get sick.

  • Large covered Litter box, and comfort metal Litter Scoop. (Not included if you are flying).

  • Litter.

  • Litter Mat to prevent Bengal from tracking Litter.

  • Your Bengals Forever Bengal Contract.

  • Obedience Training article and other articles Deborah has written on Bengals.

  • Obedience Training Article.

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