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Bengal Queen Cinderella II

QUEEN Cinderella II

Bengals Forever


Cece is our resident Queen. She is a stunning blue eyed Lynx Point Snow. She is an amazing mommy and dotes on her babies. She is HCM/PK Negative and carries lynx point and mink. Her Father is Aristocat Bengal's King Thunder and Mother Aristocats Queen Chloe. 

Bengal Queen Beauty


Aristocat Bengal


Queen Beauty is a Brown and Black Clouded Rosetted Bengal female.  She is from European lines, and has a beautiful Clouded pattern.  She is also a wonderful mother, and a kind and loving lap cat. Queen Beauty only breeds King Valentino and they have exquisite babies,  with large rosetted pattern. They produce Brown and Black rosetted kittens, and Lynx Point Snow kittens.

Bengal Queen Mardi Gras

Aristocat Bengal

This beautiful Charcoal female came from our Wild Asian Leopard, Queen Nirvana and King Valentino .  She is exquisite looking.  When she was born, she was black except for the white pattern on her face.  She looks like she has a mask on, and that is why We named her Queen  Mardi Gras.  We did genetic testing on her, and she carries for Charcoal, Brown and Black, Melanistic, and Lynx Point  Snow.  It is very unusual to have a Bengal carry for four different colors.  She has beautiful kittens in all of the colors she carries.




Millie (G3) Is the Daughter of King Viking and Queen Mari Gras. She is the most laid back kitty and the glue that holds our cattery together. Everyone loves Millie and she befriends everyone who walks in the door. We expect her first litter towards the end of 2022. 




Star Sapphire is Silver Mink Charcoal and came to us from Bengaluxe in Canada. Her mother Ice Ice Baby is featured in advertising all over Canada. Her father Richard Lion of Bengaluxe is a beautiful and large Bengal cat. Stella prefers to "have a person" and is Vivienne's shadow. She enjoys interacting with the other cats and people in the household but never lets Vivi out of her sight for very long. During the day while Vivi is at school, Stella will sleep or find Bri to hang out with. When cuddled or petted, Stella melts and raises her paws for her rub belly to be rubbed. Her pelt is like that of a chinchilla and has a completely different texture than any other kitty our cattery. We are very excited to see if she passes her unique personality and pelt onto her babies. Kittens expected Late 2022/early 2023.


Bengals Forever


Gracie is an F1 and our foundation queen. We are ecstatic to have acquired this exquisite girl for our tiny cattery. Her unique facial features and counter shading make Grace everything an early generation Bengal cat should be. She is sweet, meek, loving and playful . Queen Gracie is curious and chooses to spend her days shadowing her people around the house, trying to “help” them do their tasks. She loves other kitties and welcomes the new cats into the house by offering her favorite toys. We are excited to see her babies in the future. Queen Gracie’s babies will be worth the waitlist. Her first litter will be fathered by King Louie V due 2023.




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