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Banbury cat owner's appeal as Bengal Obi goes missing again after previous escape on DPD delivery va

A cat owner from Banbury is appealing for the safe return of her beloved pet, who has now been missing for more than a month.

Obi, a two-year old Bengal cat, was last seen in the village of Bodicote on the morning of November 28.

Owner Alexandra Fisher fears he may be lost, or hiding in somebody else's home.

"He’s outdoor but normally comes home multiple times throughout the day for food and strokes so this is out of character, especially with this freezing weather," she said.

Earlier this year, Obi stowed away on a DPD delivery van, and was later discovered in a garage in Gloucestershire, so Ms Fisher is not ruling out any areas in the search for him.

She explained: "In the summer, he got into a delivery van and travelled 45 minutes away to a place in Gloucestershire and was living wild for weeks.

"Through a series of miracles we got him back. A lady tracked him down in her garage.

Describing his temperament, she told OxfordshireLive: "He is not afraid of people, but he's a bit wary. He is incredibly confident and will go in people's houses through cat flaps, and he'll go through doors. He loves other cats.

"He’s nervous around strangers but is unable to catch wildlife so is likely to be scrounging food from gardens."

Ms Fisher, who works as a teacher, bought Obi as a kitten during the first lockdown as a companion, after being forced to spend time isolating away from her husband.

"I was living on my own and I was apart from my husband for six weeks because I was working as a teacher.

"I decided to get a companion cat during that first flush of the pandemic, and I'm now quite bonded to him."

If you spot Obi, Ms Fisher says to coach him inside with his favourite treats, Dreamies, and contact her right away.

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